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Forest Management Services

For every tree harvested, another is planted to ensure a sustainable cycle, which provides valuable resources to the community as well as helping to lock up C02.

Co2 is absorbed in the trees whilst they grow and once they are harvested that C02 is then stored in building products such as; structural timber, furniture, decking, etc. Timber is one of the most renewable building materials we have in Australia. 


Many forestry contractors haven't been following the guidelines causing spotlights on the industry for years, we are here to be transparent with our operations within the community to help break the stigma.


Services we provide include;

  • Plantation Establishment & Maintenance

  • Plantation Fire Management

  • Contractor Management

  • Third-Party Contractor Quality Assessments

  • WHS & EMS Development & Auditing

  • Harvest Planning and Complience

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