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Image by Mufid Majnun

Our Commitment To Safety

One of our key objectives is to become industry leaders in ensuring the safety of our employees, contractors, and shareholders in our workplaces. As we believe this should be a paramount goal of any company. Our safety management system (SMS) has been developed to operate on the basis of “prevention is better than a cure” and outshine any of our competitors. Our induction and training procedures prepare our staff to enact methods to prevent near-misses and dangerous worksite conditions from ever occurring. But no matter what the circumstances are, our employees and contractors are trained and prepared to handle any situation. In addition, our WHS committee regularly reviews our contractors SMS documents as well as our own on a site-by-site basis to ensure we are providing a workplace that is safe, secure, and free from harm. We arrive safe, we work safe, and we go home safe every day.

Check out our safety management policy below.

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